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We are just a few lay people who are interested in Nanotechnology. We come from diverse backgrounds and interests, but we share one thing in common—a strong belief that Nanotechnology is a powerful movement in science, with the power to shape the world as it is and the potential to impact the future for good.

“For good” is the important phrase here. We are well aware that Nanotechnology, like other revolutionary technologies in their day, has its own share of naysayers and skeptics who believe that it forebodes nothing but doom and gloom. Anytime you have a scientific process that tweaks the very elements of creation—the H Bomb was one example—there is the fear among some that the technology will be used for ill and not good. That issue is addressed by Drexler himself when he discusses “Engines of Destruction.”

However, we believe that history testifies to the essential goodness of the human spirit. People, generally speaking, use technology for the betterment of mankind, and Nanotechnology will be no exception. We will become more productive, the world will become safer, and prosperity will abound to all. That may seem like a Utopian vision to some, but it is well within the reach of Nanotechnology.

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  1. dr arun & dr ajith Says:

    dear sir, we are medical doctors from INDIA. we are the sole persons behind the idea& design of theoritical model of ”NANOGENESEQ CHIP”http://www.foresight.org/Conference/AdvNano2004/Abstracts/Kumar/index.html. we had 6 nano patent publications. DR ARUN & DR AJITH. TEL: 00914712310179

  2. dr arun & dr ajith Says:

    the effort you people are taking is very great for the man kind in the coming days of NANOTECH ERA.

  3. deepa Says:

    I am really fasinated at by developments in this field i have completed my mastersin microbiology i was able to understand nanotech and its influence in medical field… friends itz tremendous

  4. Shalva Kekutia Says:

    Dear Mr/Mrs,
    I have got your contact details from internet.
    I understand that you are working in the field of nano technologies and particularly in using nano technology in cancer treatment.

    My cousin has the cancer of the brain (astrositoma) and was operated and undergone chemical treatment. However at the moment the disease still exists. She has tried almost all ways that are available now in Ukraine (Kiev) and wants to fight further.

    I would be grateful if you can direct us to the right sources, research clinics where nano technologies are used for cancer treatment. Olha is ready to be the volunteer and take part in research.
    I would appreciate much if you let me know if this is possible or direct me to research centers or people that might help us.
    Looking forward to hearing form you,
    Sincerely yours,
    Shalva Kekutia

  5. Varghese Says:

    visit web http://www.worldnoni.org
    consumption of noni juice in empty stomach fight cancer

  6. Suresh Valiyaveettil Says:

    I work on nanotechology area and would like to add a link to your page on my website. I will be compiling (only links to the original website such as yours) such information on my site for people to read, which is currently under construction. Is this Ok with you?

  7. nanopaprika Says:

    Dear Editors!

    The International NanoScience Community / http://www.nanopaprika.eu / looking for new partner webpages. Please contact me



    Dear sir,
    I am the postgraduate student,studying in JNTUA-OTRI,ANANTAPUR.Sir i am interested to do my academic project of my fourth semester in this emerging NANOTECHNOLOGY field for six months from December onwards.so i am requested you that please inform me the right path to do my project in this field and please guide me how to approach my interested category.I HOPE YOU MAY GUIDE ME IN THIS IN CORRECT WAY.
    Thanking you sir.

    Yours faithfully,

  9. Mr. X Says:

    Mr. X

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